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  • The toy and game industry's news captured on a weekly basis saving you time!
  • This is news for the industry in general. We include interviews, industry news, information about get-togethers we are hosting and more.
  • News for consumers and anyone interested in toys and games as well as meeting the people behind the the products. We also talk about the importance of play because it is vital to our and society's well being!
  • Our newsletter for educators, librarians, homeschooling families and parents who are interested in using play to aid learning. Study after study has confirmed it: play is good for everyone. From preschools all the way up through nursing homes, educators and caregivers are using play to engage the mind and fire the imagination. www.g4ed.com
  • We spotlight social media influencers promoting play, opportunities from toy and game companies for influencers and content you can use to promote the importance of play in our everyday lives.
  • Our Inventor-focused newsletter. We post articles on inventors in the media, post helpful advice from peers, and keep you informed of our special opportunities.

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